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I love the artwork. The mice characters are so cute and well designed

Hello Hidebu Games,

My name is Antonia Gates, I manage the games at I played through Cheesy Town and I think the game would be a great fit on our site!

I'm writing to ask if the game is available for non-exclusive licensing. Our licenses are totally non-exclusive, so you would maintain all of the IP rights and could continue to develop and distribute the game however you'd like to.

Please let me know if it is available, and how much it would cost. I'm looking forward to discussing this with you soon!

Best regards,

Antonia Gates

loved to meet the developer room! fun game!

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This game was so sweet! I loved it. If you want to translate into polish, let me know!

Do you have a nice Japan styled boxart for your awesome game ? 

What a lovely game!

I've put the game in my round-up of retro indie games for April 2023

Thank you! Your Channel is great so I subscribed!



Another great game! Cute, funny, and charming. I loved it!

Thank you!

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Cute presentation, but the soundtrack has me not wanting to play further


Understandable. I made a song for the first time. I’ll study to making song more.






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The game is very cute and short, and the ending was great. If you want to expand your game to more languages, I can translate it for free into Spanish.

PD: I am an EN-ES translator.

I'll think about it. Thank you!

I played slowly in the afternoon of my day off. It was a very peaceful and relaxing game.

Thank you so much for playing!

Looking nice. Need to grab it ;)

Thank you!

Is there any chance you could include the .pocket build for owners of the Analogue Pocket? Thank you and congratulations on the release!

Yes, I can but I do not have the Analogue Pocket. So, I can’t testplay it.

I would be happy to make sure it runs and get back to you. I haven't heard of any games that have issues when built as a .pocket file.


I added a pocket file. Thank you for the suggestion!

this was so cute! loved reading all the book titles on each mouse's shelf 🧀


Thank you! in fact, mice love to read.

Lovely game, thank you for also releasing it in English so I could  enjoy the wonderful humor :D

I’m so happy to hear that!