You can play it with a mouse, keyboard and gamepad.
You can choose the language, Japanese and English, on the option.



You aim to collect 101 cats. You can also collect the cafe’s food recipes and furniture! They'll come to the cat cafe if you buy canned cat food and give it to a cat.

猫を 101匹あつめるのが目標です。カフェのフードレシピや家具も集められます!猫缶を買って、猫にあげるとなついて猫カフェに来てくれますよ。


You can play the game on a browser for free. Or download it for $2.99. The content of the browser and downloadable versions is the same. The downloadable version can be played on full screen. Gameplay video and stream are welcome.


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)
AuthorHidebu Games
Made withPixiJS, RPG Maker, Aseprite
TagsCute, Pixel Art, RPG Maker
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese


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THIS GAME IS DELIGHTFUL AS HECK!!! I greatly enjoyed the loop of walking around, grabbing twigs and rocks and such while waiting for the day to end, alongside slowly making a very profitable cat cafe, complete with every furniture item and every cat on Nekojima!!! There were times where it felt a little slow, but I think those times were nice. Games with empty moments are nice!!! Also..... I'm unsure how many of the cats may be references, but I did greatly appreciate seeing Jiji.... Love that little guy; gasped when I saw it. AND HIS ACCOMPANYING KIKI..... Although I suppose that may just be a Kiki, but I'm gonna believe it's THAT Kiki!!! Other favorites were Kuro and Cocoa...!!!! But all these cats are beloved.... The only thing I would've instantly exploded from would be a black cat named Toffee, but such cats are infrequent, I suppose!!

'Twas an enjoyable grind for the ultimate cafe, rife with characters saying the strangest things (love the little quips and how... outright silly they are; also love the suspicious men (mostly) being absolute champions!!!), delicious foods, and some wonderful cats.... Thank you for making this!!!


hi, i love the game and could not disagree more with the 99 theses posted below this. i think the game is wonderful. the cats are all perfect.

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(sorry for the long message) Hey hidebu Games, i started playing this a lot for speedrunning practice and i sorta got to the point where the game started getting... boring, the replayability is at an all time low but i have some suggestions that could make it better.

1 (shop)  - The cat food shop is very bland, it would be cool if you could buy cat food with a low chance for success with making a cat friendly for 100 yen, or a cat food with a high chance of making a cat friendly for 500 yen, i don't care about the prices just i thought that a variety of food might make it more interesting (just don't be mean on the pricing). but before you go: "oh jinx but there will be so many tabs!" just remove them, show me the food count when i need to see it or in the pause menu.

2 (cats)  - Another thing that i would find interesting would be if cats could be picky or not, this would mean that some cats would like wet food food and not eat any dry food, and cats that only eat dry food rather than wet food, and some that like both, you can figure this out by something like cats in south area and west like wet food more, cats in east aren't picky, and north cats only like dry. maybe wet food could be something like 100 or 150 yen more than dry. just an idea.

3 (time)  - I wish that the day wasn't so short, and if the day starts to seem long i think it might make it better and more fun for people that aren't patient and you could sit by a fireplace or stay in the cafe and select an option to spend time until: morning, noon, after noon, night, or late night. but to prevent people from waking up and just getting free stuff, you can make it so that you have to pay 250 yen with 1-11 cats, 500 yen with 12-21 cats, 1000 yen with 22-50 cats, and after that its worth 1500.

4 (music)  - Another thing i the music, listening to that song for an hour and a half will  DRIVE ME INSANE! a variety in music would be cool, like the music for shops is more up beat and fast, the one for home could be like how it currently is, and the cafe music could be more cozy and soft. now i have a cool idea for the outside, i think that there could be like 10 different parts, the more cats you get the more the music changes, 31 cats ads another instrument or part of the song, and this could repeat at 61, 91, and 101 would all do the same. i think that the music changing outside just makes you feel better about your progression, kinda like in SMG2 how the more progress you make the more that the hub world music changes. just when it comes to music i don't want to have to mute the music.

4.5 (101 cats...) - i just thought it would be nice if you could have a nice theme play once you get 101 cats. that's all,  it kinda would make getting 101 cats feel better instead of making you feel like a 90 year old woman

5 (NPCs)  - There are not any NPCs in this game that are interesting to talk to, all of them just say tips and stuff. so i think these should stay in but it would be cool if you had people chilling around telling stories about themselves, or customers in the cafe that could compliment you on this. the only NPC that i think is memorable is the robot that scans the cafe. you see NPCs are a part of an RPG game that makes the game memorable, it gives the game more story and more of a feal that makes the player happy and enjoy the game.

6 (Collectibles) - okay so there are a lot of collectibles, but those are just for money, i am talking about collectibles that progress towards 100% completion of the game, like yeah there are the bottles, but getting those aren't even in the way and it gives you money, also the furniture isn't that much in the way, what i think could be collectables would be like a cat food recipe and it could unlock other varieties of cat food, like you have normal cat food, then you can go out of your way to solve a puzzle or something to unlock a recipe for other food. or some sort of shop that lets you buy home decor from another shop, or a journal that lets you take notes when you feed a cat again in the cafe again. just an idea

7 (picking stuff up) - first time, oh cool, i got this item! second time i pick up a sea shell im like, GO AWAY TEXT I DONT HAVE THAT MUCH TIME! what i am saying is that, you don't need the text to poop up EVERY time you pick an item up, only once or twice after loading a file or starting new then it starts to get annoying.


i'm sorry if this sounds mean or insulting towards the game, don't get me wrong i LOVE this game, but it becomes i was playing it and started to not enjoy it after a while. you don't have to change it. but i might like some change. thank you for reading this if you do! i understand if you don't do this because gamedev is hard, or i just suck at it.

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how do i change the language?cos i dont understand kanj

edit:nvm i learned how

Sorry for my late reply. You can change the language on the option menu. Just in case.

I'm working on speedrun routes for this game now lol (also so i can put it on

Wow, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to seeing your speed run.

Deleted 157 days ago
Deleted 157 days ago

here it is!

Thank you so much!

no problem :)

Hi Hidebu, I would like to offer you to translate your games into french (I think they are pretty cool !)
Would you be interested ? I'm starting to work as a french translator and i'm looking to indie games to localize in french. Let me know if you are interested !

Thank you interested my game and your offer. Let me know the price in DM on Twitter.

Thank you for answering. As you know, I can't write to you in DM ! To answer your question, I'll need to know the words count of your games (you can send it to me for all of your games as I'm interested to localize all of them !)

charming and fun! i'm happy to have 101 cats in my cafe c:

Thank you!!

I just got 101 cats! The achievement feels like the perfect way to end such an adorable journey🌸

Thank you for collecting 101 cats!

This is a really cute game, though I only collected up till 53 cats this time round, I'll get all 101 cats next time :)

Thank you! Please, play again next time!

Of course I will play this game again, it's really nice

also can i change the language

Yes, change the language on Option.

does it save?

You can save data after sleeping in bed.

Awesome game! I sat down and couldn't stop playing until I got all 101 cats!

Thank you!! I’m happy you got all 101 cats. 

Awesome game! I really love the pixel art and it's got a great sense of humor.


Thank you! I’m glad you like the humour!!

what tile set was used? it is so cute along with the rest of the game


Thank you. I made All of the tileset pixel art on my own.

cute game

Thank you so much!

this is so cute!

Thank you, kc!

i just finished it! cute and fun thank you for making it ^^

Thank you for playing!