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Is it made in RPG Maker? 

you can see what the game is made with if you open the "more information" tab that's right before the "purchase" part! but to save your time, yes, it's made from RPG MAker, as well as PixiJS and Aesprite.

Oh, right, sorry, didn't knew that!

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THIS GAME IS DELIGHTFUL AS HECK!!! I greatly enjoyed the loop of walking around, grabbing twigs and rocks and such while waiting for the day to end, alongside slowly making a very profitable cat cafe, complete with every furniture item and every cat on Nekojima!!! There were times where it felt a little slow, but I think those times were nice. Games with empty moments are nice!!! Also..... I'm unsure how many of the cats may be references, but I did greatly appreciate seeing Jiji.... Love that little guy; gasped when I saw it. AND HIS ACCOMPANYING KIKI..... Although I suppose that may just be a Kiki, but I'm gonna believe it's THAT Kiki!!! Other favorites were Kuro and Cocoa...!!!! But all these cats are beloved.... The only thing I would've instantly exploded from would be a black cat named Toffee, but such cats are infrequent, I suppose!!

'Twas an enjoyable grind for the ultimate cafe, rife with characters saying the strangest things (love the little quips and how... outright silly they are; also love the suspicious men (mostly) being absolute champions!!!), delicious foods, and some wonderful cats.... Thank you for making this!!!


hi, i love the game and could not disagree more with the 99 theses posted below this. i think the game is wonderful. the cats are all perfect.

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how do i change the language?cos i dont understand kanj

edit:nvm i learned how

Sorry for my late reply. You can change the language on the option menu. Just in case.

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Wow, thank you so much! I’m looking forward to seeing your speed run.

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Thank you so much!

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Hi Hidebu, I would like to offer you to translate your games into french (I think they are pretty cool !)
Would you be interested ? I'm starting to work as a french translator and i'm looking to indie games to localize in french. Let me know if you are interested !

Thank you interested my game and your offer. Let me know the price in DM on Twitter.

Thank you for answering. As you know, I can't write to you in DM ! To answer your question, I'll need to know the words count of your games (you can send it to me for all of your games as I'm interested to localize all of them !)

charming and fun! i'm happy to have 101 cats in my cafe c:

Thank you!!

I just got 101 cats! The achievement feels like the perfect way to end such an adorable journey🌸

Thank you for collecting 101 cats!

This is a really cute game, though I only collected up till 53 cats this time round, I'll get all 101 cats next time :)

Thank you! Please, play again next time!

Of course I will play this game again, it's really nice

also can i change the language

Yes, change the language on Option.

does it save?

You can save data after sleeping in bed.

Awesome game! I sat down and couldn't stop playing until I got all 101 cats!

Thank you!! I’m happy you got all 101 cats. 

Awesome game! I really love the pixel art and it's got a great sense of humor.


Thank you! I’m glad you like the humour!!

what tile set was used? it is so cute along with the rest of the game


Thank you. I made All of the tileset pixel art on my own.

cute game

Thank you so much!

this is so cute!

Thank you, kc!

i just finished it! cute and fun thank you for making it ^^

Thank you for playing!